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SauceZhan Slim Fit Jeans Selvedge Jeans
  • SauceZhan Slim Fit Jeans Selvedge Jeans

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    colour: blue

    Wash: No

    Black model 

    Blue model map

    The jeans are shrunk 2~3cm and the waist is shrunk 1~2cm, but the jeans will return to their original size after wearing


    Size Waist width (cm) Hip width (cm) Length (cm) Thigh width (cm) Leg opening (cm) Fly length (cm) W28 74 95 109 28.5 16.5 24 W30 77 99 109 29 16.5 24 W31 79 101 110 30 17 25.5 W32 82 103 111 31 17.5 26.5 W33 86 105 112 31 18 26.5 W34 88 109 113 31.5 18.5 27.5 W36 94 110 114 32.5 19 29 W38 99 116 115 33 19 30

    Note: The above dimensions are measured in kind. There will be a 1-2 cm error due to different measurements.

    Relevant data are for reference only, subject to physical objects.

    This pair of trousers is slim in shape.

    According to the individual figure can be as appropriate to buy a large size

    You don't need to buy a lot of money to get a good result.

      The novice player of the new and New _ _ _ _ _ is important to note that Indigo looks close to black before the color falls, but is actually blue. Black and blue Two versions look like black, some approximate, and actually different colors before the cattle fall, that is, when they are brand new.

      The Indigo version has no odor,Black is sulphide, belong to sulphide dyeing, dyeing process has sulphide alkali, have slight smell belongs to normal phenomenon, after washing a few times the taste will fade gradually. Inevitably, it cannot be improved. Only black cattle dyed with sulphide can raise cattle! Many friends asked why other brands have black jeans without taste, because it is reactive dyeing! Reactive dyeing is not losing color, can not be used as cattle, just fashion pants.

    Because of different models, different settings, etc.

    There may be slight color difference between the picture and the real object. Please refer to the real object for the specific color

    Please make sure that the packing is in good condition.


    310XX-HS BLUE



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